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Error Message-Invalid address value_E8a

Last Updated:10/11/2017


When I download a program to the target using the E8a(E7/E8) emulator, I get the following error message: "Invalid address value".


The “Invalid address value” error indicates that you are trying to download a program to a location other than the ROM/RAM area of the selected device.

Please confirm the following items.

(1)  Is the MCU you selected when you connected the E8a(E7/E8) debugger the same as the device you are actually using?
The “Invalid address value” error occurs when the selected MCU and the actual MCU do not match. Make sure the MCU setting is correct.
If the MCU name is not displayed when you connect the E8a debugger, the E8a emulator software you are using may be an old version. Update your software and then try the download process again.

(2) Is the program or data assigned to a location within the MCU’s ROM/RAM set range?
Make sure the address assigned to the program or data is within the MCU’s ROM/RAM set range.
Also, make sure the program size is not larger than the ROM size of the MCU.

(3) Make sure if IRON bit of PRG2G register is set to 1 when using the ROM 768 KB version (R5F3650T, R5F3651F) or ROM 640 KB version (R5F3650R, R5F3651R) of M16C/65 Group MCUs.
To enable the program ROM1 allocated at 40000h through 7FFFFh, IRON bit of PRG2C register need to be 1.
If you want to download a load module to this area, click to select the [IRON(b1 of 000010H ) is ‘1’ ] check box in the [Emulator Setting] dialog box to enable it.

This error will not occur in H8 Family MCUs as downloads to areas other than ROM/RAM areas cannot be selected.

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