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Debug of M16C/64 Group MCU: why it slow down when using break

Latest Updated:08/20/2008


Why does the response rate slow down after I run the user program when using a software break during the debug of an M16C/64 Group MCU with on-chip debugging emulator E8a?


E8a replaces the break command with the user program command. When the user program is run after a software break is set or cancelled, the E8a automatically reprograms the flash memory. At this time, if the MCU is operating with the low-speed on-chip oscillator*, the flash memory reprogramming takes longer and the E8a response rate diminishes. You can prevent the flash memory reprogramming by setting the event break at a higher priority. *M16C/64 Group MCUs operate on the low-speed on-chip oscillator after reset.
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