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Communication Timeout Error_H8 Family

Last Updated:11/08/2017


Is it possible to startup the E8a or E8 emulator in the "Program Flash" mode and download (write) several load modules (mot files)?

When I download (write) several mot files to an M16C Family MCU, in invalid checksum value is displayed. When I download several files to an H8 Family MCU, the "Communication Timeout Error" occurs. Is there a work-around for this?


When the emulator is started up in the "Program Flash" mode, mot files can only be download one at a time. In addition, all operations other than download are invalid in this state.
To write multiple mot files, you need to temporarily unite the files. For example, the Renesas Flash Development Tool Kit (FDT) has a mot file unite function.
For more details, refer to the Flash Development Tool Kit manual.

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