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How to restore section name to default? (CC-RL)

Last Updated:06/21/2017


I am using the RL78 CC-RL compiler.

I have changed a section name using #pragma section to allocate a variable in an arbitrary section.
Is there any way to restore the variable section defined after that to a default section name?


#pragma section bss MyBss
int __near ni_1;        //MyBss_n Allocated a variable in a section
int __near ni_2;        //Want to restore the variable to the section


Section names can be restored to default if a section type and new section name are not specified and #pragma section is specified instead.


#pragma section bss MyBss
int __near ni_1;        //MyBss_n Allocated in a section

#pragma section
int __near ni_2;        //.bss Allocated to the section

Suitable Products
e² studio
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
C Compiler Package for RL78 Family