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Can program developed for uPD75P108 use without change in uPD75P108B?

Latest Updated:04/01/2006


Can a program developed for the uPD75P108 be used without modification in the uPD75P108B?


                              75P108B        75P108     (unit)
PROM size                      8064          8192          Bytes
Power supply voltage         2.7 to 6.0      4.5 to 5.5     V
Temperature range            -40 to +85      -10 to +85    °C
Vpp                            12.5           21            V

Programs that are functionally identical can be used in both devices.
However, note with caution that the ROM size differs between the uPD75P108 and uPD75P108B.
In addition, these two devices have slightly different noise characteristics.
Accordingly, each device should be checked in the system where it is used. The main differences between the uPD75P108 and uPD75P108B are listed at right.

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