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Is there a problem with products with a strange shape or marking?

Latest Updated:11/01/2007


Products with a strange shape or marking have been delivered. Is there a problem?


It seems that imitations of Renesas Electronics products that are no longer produced are being sold on the Internet. Imitation of another manufacturer's product has also been reported, in which the package contained no chips.
If the product you purchased does not satisfy the specification on the data sheet, could you please pursue an investigation from the distribution channel, starting from where you bought the product.
To prevent improvement in the accuracy of imitation techniques, detailed information cannot be publicized, but the following points can help you to detect a bogus product and should be treated as necessary conditions.

  • The availability of many products which are no longer produced arouses suspicion.
  • Is the marking (such as the part name and lot number) official? (There is usually no manufacturing date lot after the date on which production was stopped.)
  • Do the dimensions match those on the package drawing?
  • Are the characters and contents on the label official?
  • When the product is correctly designed, does it operate correctly?

Recently, a number of problems have been occurring especially with purchases made over the Internet. When purchasing over the Internet, be careful to check the following.

  • Make sure that you are using an official Renesas Electronics sales site (either a Renesas Electronics Web shop, or an official third-party Web site), or an official Renesas Electronics sales channel.
  • Make sure that the site you are using handles inquiries properly (i.e. does not dismiss queries or complaints).
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