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Can products be freely specified if it already have lead-free codes?

Latest Updated:02/01/2008


Various lead-free codes are available for your products, but may they be freely specified?


No. The code to be specified depends on the product. For the codes attached to individual product names, check the lead-free product list or other product-related document.
Two codes, "-A and -AT" or "-AZ and -AY", are sometimes used for discrete devices and linear ICs, but specify -AT or -AY (Sn plating) for new purchases. For on-going purchases, -A and -AZ (Sn-Bi plating) may still be used, but since such products may be purchased from distributors such as Web shops if the distributors have the products in general stock, please check with your dealer for specific supplies.
For some microcontrollers, the two codes "-A" and "-AX" are used, but either may be specified.
For solder ball products, we have no plan to substitute the Sn-Ag-Cu solder for a different material.
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